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132. All-or-Nothing - Out the Window!

Jan 26, 2023

Often we kill our productivity by taking an all-or-nothing approach to our goals or the things we’re trying to do.

By all-or-nothing I mean we try something out and want to knock it out of the park on the first try and when we don’t, we give up.

Over time, we aren’t satisfied and want to give it another try, but end up quitting soon after. It goes without saying this start-and-stop approach to life is super frustrating because we end up going no where.

In this week's podcast, I share how to toss the all-or-nothing approach to goal getting out the window - and of course I offer some tactical strategies to moving forward even if you’re not getting it perfect.

I’ll see you inside! xo, Janeen

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131. Productivity With Little Kids

Jan 19, 2023

The little kids stage of life can be tricky because there definitely needs to be some flexibility to your schedule - it’s hard to plan on what kind of 2-year-old shenanigans will ensue during the day, am I right?

… but too much flexibility means you’re always feeling behind, playing ‘catch-up,’ and feeling frustrated that you can’t stay consistent on a project for more than 2 minutes (what’s the point?).

If you’ve ever wondered how to get things done with little kids underfoot I’ve got some pointers in today’s podcast.

I’ll see you there! xo, Janeen


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130. "I need help."

Jan 12, 2023

I used to wait to ask for help when I was a weepy, blubbering mess. I felt like asking for help meant I was weak. I’d wait until I was in the super struggle stage when I could have made things easier for myself.  The truth is, if we are thinking we're weak for reaching out for help, we spend so much time needlessly suffering.

The purpose of this podcast is to show you that asking for help is really a power move.

I share some personal stories about how I waited too long and what I’ve learned and what I’ve currently asked for help doing and, most importantly, how it’s all made the world of difference.

Like I said: Power. Move.

I'll see you inside! xo, J



[00:00:00] Janeen: Well, hello my friends. Welcome back. I am super excited to be with you today. I am all cozied up here in my office. I've got the heater on Jackson and I are enjoying just being inside today, even though...

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129. God and Goals

Jan 05, 2023

Do you ever project your frustration, disappointment, or even anger with yourself for not reaching a goal onto God? Especially if you’ve felt inspired by Him to go for something big?

(If you could see me, I’m raising my hand.)

On this week’s podcast I’m sharing some personal experiences about goal setting and faith and how it used to be kind of a tangled, angsty mess and what it’s transformed into now.

I’ll see you inside! xo, Janeen



[00:00:00] Janeen: Well, hey you guys. Welcome to the new year. Welcome to 2023, and welcome to this podcast If you are brand new. I am Janeen Alley. And today we are talking about God and goals. So, I am a Christian. I don't bring this up very often in my podcasts, but I am a Christian. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints, and I love all things Jesus.

[00:00:25] I'm just saying . So I love to watch The Chosen with my husband. I love...

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128. Learning to Surrender

Dec 29, 2022

If we can surrender into our life experience we can be so much more gentle with ourselves.

Surrendering ultimately is just allowing what is. We understand that ‘there’ isn't better than ‘here.’ It's this acceptance of the way that things are right now, and knowing that the way that our lives unfold is happening for us.

Our life is always providing learning opportunities to help us to rise above our situations, to help us to understand that we are stronger than we think…

I talk all about how to surrender in this week’s podcast. I’ll see you inside! xo, Janeen



[00:00:00] Janeen: Well, hey my friends. Welcome to this episode of the podcast. This is one that I've been working on for a little while because I feel like I have been going through this myself, and I wanted to do an episode that highlights surrender and learning how to surrender because this is something that has been difficult...

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127. How to Cut Crap Fillers

Dec 22, 2022

Here’s the truth: you can have anything you want - you truly do have enough time to make that happen…

…no matter your circumstances!

One of the ways to help you get your time back is to be aware of the crap fillers that are sneakily eating up your time during the day. Often in ways we don’t even realize.

They act like a leaky faucet with the time you have.

Time that could be used to play a supportive role (like folding laundry to help you stay on top of things) or even moving the needle in a big way to help you reach your goals (like getting in a 15 minute workout).

In today’s podcast, I go into detail about crap fillers - what they are and more importantly how to cut back on them to help you get your precious time back!

I’ll see you inside! xo, Janeen



[00:00:00] Janeen: Well, hey there you guys. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I am Janeen Alley, and you are...

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126. 5 Ways to Alleviate Stress When You Have No Time

Dec 15, 2022

Do you ever feel like you'd be able to just chill the heck out if your schedule wasn't so packed?

If that's the case, you've made it to the right place today.

In this episode of the podcast I am sharing a few power-packed tips to help you feel more relaxed - even if you feel like you have no time.

I'm sharing how to soften into quiet spaces, use your breath to help you relax even if you're shopping at Walmart on Black Friday (not sure why you'd do that - just eliminating that trip will help you alleviate stress - but if you find yourself there, I've got you!), and how to unplug from your life without anxiety or FOMO. ("fear of missing out" - you probably knew that already, but I'm always asking my kids what all the acronyms mean.)

I share ALL the juicy details inside! Join me! xo, J



[00:00:00] Janeen: hey there, my friends, welcome back to Mamas Who Do. I am Janeen Alley, and I am excited to be with you guys today...

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125. How We Culturally Glorify Self-Neglect

Dec 08, 2022

I came across this quote from a woman who asked, "Why am I okay paying absurd amounts of money sometimes for kids' activities, but I won't pay for relatively cheap gym membership for myself? I am so ridiculous! Self-care should be a higher priority..."

In thinking about this I came across a researcher (Dr. Coonze) who said that women are socialized to put others' needs above themselves, and go the extra mile at their own expense."The very same thing that makes women great achievers in education, and particularly reliable at work, is also the same thing that makes them prey to saying 'yes' in situations where they don't want to."

I think this is super hard for us to even notice because we live in a culture that totally glorifies self-neglect. It's so common for us to neglect our own health, dreams, wants, and needs - thinking this is how we show love to our families - without questioning if this is even a good idea.

And I have totally done this! Until I really realized this...

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124. Other people's agendas

Dec 01, 2022

Do you ever get defensive when others make requests for your time?

Do you ever say yes to something begrudgingly?

(Same! I used to do this all the time.)

So today on the podcast we are discussing other people’s agendas and how to navigate requests for your time with grace - without feeling bad for either saying yes OR no.

I’ll see you inside! xo, Janeen



[00:00:00] Janeen: Well, hey, they're my friends. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I am Janeen Alley, and as always, I'm super excited to be hanging out with you guys today. We are talking about other people's agendas today. I think this one's gonna be a really good one.

[00:00:15] This was really fun for me to kind of flesh this one out and to think about a lot of the things that I'm gonna be sharing with you. The idea for this podcast came based off of a text conversation that I was having with one of my friends. And we're going to get into...

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123. How to Be Consistently Creative

Nov 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to create content consistently - especially when you don't feel inspired? Or have you ever been concerned about monetizing a creative outlet because you're afraid it will zap all the fun out of the creative process?

In this week's podcast, I am going to talk about how to consistently show up with fresh ideas even if you're feeling stuck in a creative rut or you don't think your stuff is any good.

Because the truth is you're not alone - we all struggle with imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and our own inner gremlins (that don't go away!).

So how do you keep cranking out content?

I talk about all of it on this week's episode. I'll see you inside! xo, Janeen



[00:00:00] Janeen: Well, hey you guys. Welcome back to another episode. This is episode 123, How to Be Consistently Creative. What I wanted to share with you today is, How to create consistently without burning yourself out.

[00:00:19] And there's several...

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