How to Stick to Your Goals While Traveling

One of the things that trips people up with their health routine is TRAVELING. Is this true for you, too? If so, I'm sure the struggle to get back to your routine (sometimes for weeks!) is all too familiar after returning home.

So how do you stay true to your health when you're off routine, in a new place, in the car or airplane for hours, jet-lagged and you're surrounded by foreign food and fast-food places?

If you don't want your vacation to turn into a big ‘ole, free-for-all and ten pounds of weight gained, then tune in to learn how you can come home and not even miss a beat when it comes to your health. I answer all these questions and MORE… see you on the inside!

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Resources (and links!) mentioned in this episode

I referenced TRX and the WOSS suspension trainers in my podcast, but doing a search for WOSS, I realized they are no longer available.

However, the TRX, and a variety of other straps, are available from on Amazon right here.

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