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There are two big things that trip moms up when it comes to their self-care and well-being:  

  1. Staying consistent.

  2. And finding time. 

Mom life is hyper-glamorized online. All it takes is 2 minutes of scrolling through everyone's beautiful vacations, kids, houses, and life on Instagram ("she looks great in a swimsuit - how does she have 6-pack abs and 4 little kids?!") to feel discouraged and defeated (like there's something wrong with you).

It's so easy to talk ourselves out of our goals because we feel like we're not "one of those naturally fit people" or "It's just easier for them."

But what if none of that were true.  What if... 

  • You could keep your word to yourself and use a tried and true formula that kept you on track?
  • A formula that didn't make your life more complicated, but taught you how to keep your word to yourself - consistently!
How would that change your life? What would be possible for you? 


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In case we haven't met, I'm Janeen Alley.

For years, I had a love / hate relationship with New Years Resolutions.

I'd get all excited about the possibility that I *might* be able to reach some of my goals this year, but I was never sure how the upcoming year was going to be any different from the previous years. 

As much as I hoped things would change it's not a reliable strategy. 

And even though I had been certified as a personal trainer, it didn't stop me from telling myself stories when I did get in a workout like, "well, I ran yesterday and then went for a hike and burned a few extra calories so it's totally fine if I eat half a carton of ice cream."

I'd sabotage myself every time.

So what changed?

When my physical and emotional health tanked I knew I needed to do things differently. I became obsessed with following through and keeping my word to myself so that I could show up the way I wanted to.

I stopped telling myself I needed to be a special unicorn to make this happen.

I stopped trying to cram things into my life and doing things I felt like I should or had to was supposed to do as a mom.

Following through shouldn't add more to your plate - so let's ditch the overcomplicated apps and systems! 

Instead, it should simplify everything! 

How would it feel to... 

  • Put your time and focus into something you know will be beneficial to you for years to come?
  • Be able to show up in your life with energy and confidence because you're able to do the things you say you're going to do?
  • Consistently be working toward your fitness and wellness goals?
  • Feel excited to wake up in the morning?
  • Get to the end of the year and LEVEL UP in your New Year's Resolutions because you've accomplished the things you said you were going to do?

Discovering how to follow through is the FIRST STEP in making all of this your reality! 


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Following through will transform all aspects of your life.

You were created for big things! 

Work smarter, not harder with The Follow Through Formula!


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