When You Doubt Yourself

Mar 15, 2022

I used to drown in my own self-doubt.

It was crippling.

So I'd try to gain confidence in my big scary goal through someone else's belief in me.

For example, I'd ask my husband what he thought about my dream... and he would say something nice and encouraging.

But I never felt better and I didn't believe any more than before...


Because that's not his job.  It's MY job to believe in ME.

The truth is: no amount of someone else's belief in your goal is going to change your self-doubt or motivate you to move and get it done if you doubt yourself.

What I've learned is that if I want to reach an impossible goal, I have to believe harder than anyone else in myself.

Self-doubt is human.

But we have the amazing ability, as humans, to change our self-doubt into courage and confidence and belief.

Practice believing.

It might feel scary.  Do it anyway.

Have a beautiful week! xo, Janeen 


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