Keep stalling on your goals? Do this!

Mar 03, 2022

You've probably heard me say at some point that getting clear on your YESES makes your NOs so much easier.

That's true.

But it doesn't make them EASY.

There's a difference.

If you decide at the beginning of the week HOW you're going to spend your time, for example, it doesn't mean your brain isn't going to protest when it's time to get your workout in. (mine did this morning!)

Same with your food.  If you plan your food in advance, it doesn't mean you aren't going to be tempted to overeat.

So yes, MAKE A PLAN!

But also know the plan itself doesn't make the journey easy, it just means you've decided where you want to go.

Your brain is what determines the difficulty or ease of the journey.

If you're struggling, what's your story?

To be clear: this doesn't mean you have to change your story, but it might be helpful to see whether your story is serving you or not.

Let me share an example. 

I used to really struggle to stay away from sweets, particularly brownies since I love chocolate. 

Any time I'd get into a room with brownies my brain would start with, "Mm. Yum! I want that!... No, not today those aren't healthy for you... Come on, just one bite - it won't hurt!... No, you need to set a good example and stay away from the brownies... But you haven't had a brownie in sooo long!  And it's been a long week!  It's a party and it's Friday night, come on!... NO! I don't need that!... Listen, the only way you're going to get rid of the temptation is to eat them. Then they'll be gone...  Ok, you're right. I totally deserve these. I'll just have this corner piece right here..."

Nom nom nom. 

No wonder I struggled to stay away from the brownies. I totally hopped on The Struggle Bus and took it for a ride! 

But it's not because of the brownies, it's because of the story. 

How do we know? Because there were other people in the room that had a different story because they weren't eating the brownies.

This is hard to realize because the story in our brain feels so true and out of your control. 

It really does feel like the only way to make the desire go away is to eat the brownies.

To get our power back in situations like this we have to 1.) be aware of the story and 2.) understand that the story is optional. 

Once we do that, we have the power to change it. 

So let me contrast the previous example with the current conversation in my brain about brownies. 

Sometimes I still want to eat them, but as soon as my brain starts off with, "Mm. Yum! I want that..." I listen for a minute (awareness) and change the story (because I know it's optional). "Thanks brain! I've heard you. I know you think that brownie would taste amazing, but today we're making healthy choices that taste and feel good too." 

This story is fairly easy for me now to recognize and change because I've practiced it for a while. It's also believable - which is key - because when I eat garbage, I don't feel well.

The desire is still there, but it's manageable because I know I'm in control of the story and my outcome. 

There's also no resistance or deprivation. (because that's optional too. :-) )

Hope that helps!

Have a great week! xo, Janeen  


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