The Biggest Obstacle to CHANGE

Mar 29, 2022

You want to make that... CHANGE!

I will spare you my Michael Jackson impersonation and save it for another day... :)

Do you want to know one of the biggest reasons people give up?

The River of Misery.

Think of your transformation journey like this:

You are currently standing on the edge of a river and you want to get to the other side...

...On the other side there's a carnival with pony rides and cotton candy.

It looks amazing.

So you head out to swim to your destination (the carnival on the other side, of course!)...

...You may even feel 'ready' since you've got your floaties and flippers.

"Let's do this!" you say to yourself.

So you take a step into the river.

"Whoa!!!! Burrrrrrr!"

But you're determined so you keep going so you get completely wet.

But there are some pretty big obstacles that you didn't count on...

...You knew it would be cold, but the river is frigid; the current is much stronger than you planned; there are RAPIDS!!!... and SHARKS!?!? (these are special river sharks that only exist in the Land of Dreams).

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," you say to yourself, "this is NOT what I expected!!!!  Everything's gone wrong!  ...I must be making a terrible mistake!!!"

This is what I want to tell you: NOTHING'S GONE WRONG!

You're doing it completely, 100% right!

This is the River of Misery!  And it's miserable!!!

This is exactly what happens when we start off to make a big change in our lives!

It feels so hard...

...Impossible sometimes.

But you're doing it right.

Just keep going!!

Remember, if it were easy - everyone would be at the carnival whoopin' it up!

But they're not there...

But this is what I know:  As you keep 'swimming' you learn HOW to overcome the obstacles and challenges in your way.

You get stronger!

You can totally do this!

Just keep swimming...

xo, Janeen


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