My #1 Productivity Tip - EVER!

productivity Jan 20, 2022

Do you feel like you're in the middle of a very, very busy time of your life? 

Back in the day, I remember stopping to think about this and realized I felt like I was always in the middle of a very, very busy period of my life. 

My solution at the time was to try to hustle harder and come up with ways to be super efficient.  Let me tell ya, I have mastered the art of efficiency because for years I thought that was answer to peace and happiness: getting everything done. 

Just like Henry Ford and his conveyor belt - I was really good at getting more done just so I could get more done.  If you've done this you know there is no end in sight to the craziness.  I was like a dog chasing my tail - running myself into the ground and going no where. 

The truth is, as moms we can always find more things to do to fill our time. 

But that's not LIVING life.  It's surviving.  

Fortunately, I realized that I did not want to be spending the precious years of my life just surviving. 

Our always ON culture undermines our creativity, productivity, peace-of-mind, and health. One of my biggest self-care secrets is to not only carve out time to exercise and cook healthy foods, but also to do nothing.  To just be able to sit and enjoy the people and world around me, think deeply, or meditate.  

And for years, I knew this. I knew slowing down was good for me. But knowing and doing are two different things and I never felt like I had the luxury to just sit around - I had too much on my plate.  

So how do you actually carve out the time for the freedom it requires to live the life you want to live - freedom from the overwhelm, the long list of self-imposed shoulds, other people's expectations, and the poisonous habit of constantly over-booking yourself? 

You have to start focusing in on being productive - not just efficient. 

My #1 Productivity Tip is Two-Fold. 

First, you have to get crystal clear on what you want - what you really want.  

There are two common mistakes that people make when thinking about what they want. 

The first mistake they make is they come up with what they feel like they should want or what their mom wants for them or what they've been taught is the right thing to want.  None of that. 

This is actually a really difficult exercise for most of us to do because all of the messages we've subconsciously believed about how we should live our lives clouds our true desires.  

One way to get some clarity on what you want is to ask yourself, "In a perfect world, if you could have anything, what would you want?" 

The second mistake is they stay super vague about what they want and say things like, "I just want more energy" or "I want to have fun with my kids." 

What does that specifically look like?  Get into the details of your desires. Let yourself dream unhindered and uncensored. 

After you are crystal clear on what you want, pick ONE thing to work on right now and...

Schedule it. 

Seriously, put it on your calendar.  And think about that time block with yourself like it's the most important thing on your calendar. If a meeting with your favorite celebrity was on the calendar, you would NOT miss it.

So if someone tries to schedule something on that day, you say, "So sorry, I've got something." Because you do!  You've got an appointment with YOU. You've got to approach yourself and your dream with the same kind of enthusiasm and respect.  

For a lot of you, this brings up feelings of guilt or selfishness.  Especially if most of the things on your calendar are for your kids. 

Let me be super clear: I'm not saying that the only things on your calendar have to be for you and I'm also not saying you need to set aside hours every day for the things you want.  Start small.  Maybe time block 15 minutes at first.  I get a lot done in 15 minute intervals. 

Just start getting in the habit of setting some time aside just for you during your day and following through. Just see what happens.  

I have a feeling it's going to be amazing!  

Have a beautiful week! xo, Janeen 


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