Losing Weight vs Feeling Lighter

mindset nutrition wellness Apr 05, 2022

It's true. You can lose weight...

The frustrating thing for a lot of women is they gain it back because they haven't figured out how to:

Lose the weight that comes from feeling overwhelmed, worried, anxious...

Lose the weight of feeling stressed out in their relationships.

Lose the weight that comes from crushing financial situations.

Lose the weight of feeling so busy with a chronically overbooked calendar.

Lose the weight that comes from their inability to follow through.

Lose the weight of feeling out-of-control with anger, frustration, or depression.

Lose the weight of feeling like you're a slave to your food cravings.

Lose the weight of not showing up the way you'd like to in your life.

Lose the weight of anxiety and sleepless nights.

Lose the weight of feeling like they have no control over their health because their families aren't supportive of the changes they'd like to make...

You can lose weight and not feel any lighter if you're carrying around some heavy emotional burdens. It's disappointing and super frustrating to lose physical weight and not feel any better. 

*You can see why it's so easy to put the weight back on again, right? ("If I'm going to feel crappy anyway I might as well enjoy some Oreos!")

What's long-lasting is finding out WHY you're holding onto all the weight and getting to the root of the problem...

...So you can feel lighter, free, happy, and empowered long-term!

And keep the weight off for good!

Have a beautiful week! xo, Janeen


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