What to do when family or friends aren’t onboard with your healthy choices

A friend called me several months back to ask me for a little help.

She was frustrated because her husband wasn’t supportive of the healthy changes she wanted to make and she felt like he kept doing things to sabotage her.

“I want less dairy in our diet, but he’ll swing by the store and grab 2 gallons of milk on the way home from work.”

This is not uncommon, but it can be discouraging when it feels like our partner isn’t on board.  After all, why wouldn’t they want us to be healthy?!


“I hate throwing my family under the bus. After [our coaching call], I realized my weakness: that I “need” every single person around me to be strong. But now that I have articulated that, I hope that it fuels my fire to be more of a leader and have faith my family will just come along. I don’t need to be so defensive if things aren’t going so smooth. In fact, later that night I had a veggie “pizza” that was basically a thin crust with heaps of broccoli and spinach. I thought I would be eating it by myself, but my husband came in and said how much he loved that kind of stuff and legit ate the leftovers the next day!”


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