The Two Greatest Assets When It Comes To Your Health

Two Greatest Health Assets. Beach chairs facing the ocean.

How many times have you either:

tried to start a fitness routine and fell off the wagon OR… just thought about starting OR… started and were going strong for a little while… and then lost interest, got bored, and quit?

Me too.  All of the above.

In fact, when I started out as a personal trainer, I would train my clients for a few hours and then I would talk myself out my own workout because I was too tired and had been on my feet for a long time… or, honestly, I was a little bit intimidated by all the “super fit” people at the gym and I felt kind of scrawny… or, I was hangry and needed a sandwich.  Seems crazy since it couldn’t have been easier for me – I was already there! I was a superstar at creating excuses to not get it done.  So I didn’t.

Can you relate to this?!

And like you, I KNEW exercise was good for me and wanted so badly to be consistent, so… I started teaching spin classes.  I thought: This works! I have to be there; I’m the teacher!  It was a win, but only on the days I taught classes (sometimes just once a week).

My next attempt to be consistent: my husband and I signed up for a fundraising event that included one really long bike ride.  We trained and got to be part of a group.  It was so fun and worked… until the event was over.

Then we moved to Mississippi (not a super friendly bike riding state) – no more bike rides.

LIFE HAPPENS to all of us!

So what changed for me?

What is the secret to staying consistent through moves and babies and kid stages and sleep deprivation and life?

I learned the secret.  Here it is:

The two greatest assets to health don’t have anything to do with your fitness routine or your amazing diet plan or your workout buddies.  The two greatest assets to health are your MIND and what I call SYSTEMS CREATION.

Systems and routines are different.

Systems are all inclusive and incorporate the big picture.  It is the way you set up your life to minimize distractions, prioritize and execute the things that matter most and stay consistent even when the routine falls apart.  Systems take it to the next level and get you back on track quickly.  When a routine falls apart, the whole thing dissolves.

For some people this comes naturally.  For me, it didn’t.  I had to Learn. Apply. Tweak. Repeat.

Because the only constant thing in life is change.

Workout buddies come and go, we get bored of the routine we LOVED, our interests change altogether, our capabilities change depending on sleep or stress, we move, we travel…

It is NOT the routine that makes or breaks our health!

It is how we think about our health (is it a MUST for you?!).  I have been known to take my blender on vacation.  On an airplane.  It is also how we think about who we are (what we identify with and what we think we’re capable of).

AND… It is our ability to be flexible and still execute a set plan because of the way we’ve structured our life.

I would love to hear from you.

What is the most valuable asset to your health?  OR How have you created a stronger mindest or empowering systems in your life to help you stay on track with your goals?

All my love,


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