35. What Other People Think About Your Food

Have you ever been at a party where someone rolls their eyes at your veggie burger? If not, the eye roll is coming.

To eat or not eat – that is the question so many of you ask when you're eating with other people.

People ask questions about calcium, make comment about how many desserts you are eating or not eating, how big your salad is, what your kids are eating… You feel their thoughts, “I can't believe she doesn't give her kids milk!”

Or so we think.

Trying to navigate social situations can be tricky, for sure. We're afraid of other's judgment, comments, or raised eyebrows.

Here's the secret sauce (cause I love a good secret sauce): What other people think about what you're eating is none of your business.

Easier said than done. But still doable. And so freeing.

In this episode, I help you break free from the social pressure to conform to other people's expectations – or your thoughts about their thoughts about your food – which are still your own thoughts. (Wait… what?)

If that was confusing, don't worry, I've got you covered. We're breaking it all down in this episode so you can go to parties and just enjoy the company instead of worrying about the food you're eating and what others are thinking about it. See you there!

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