I LOVE my clients!  It just lights me up to do the work that I do and see the transformations they make in their lives.

Here are what a few of my students said after working with me… 🙂

  • Janeen taught me how to have more of the things I love in my life and less of the things I don't. She helped me form a plan and vision for what I wanted my life to look like. Then with that vision in mind, we went forward to identify steps to make things happen.

    Janeen taught me how to peacefully take care of myself. I've tried to put my health first many times before, but it wouldn't last. I would get sick of being hungry, I would miss old foods, I would get bored of exercise. She taught me how to eat in a way that left me full and my body feeling good!

    When my body feels good, it wants to move; I want to be active! This last spring, I took a class on orienteering and I am going to my first race tomorrow!

    This is not just another health and fitness class. She worked with me on an emotional level to discover what was stopping me from having what I wanted. She was able to get me to a healthy place mentally, so that I was ready to make lasting change. She helped me see the reason that I was stuck - ME!

    I have lost 25 pounds (from 155 to 130). It would have taken me years of reading and studying to applying to figure out what she taught me in a few months. She was able to rocket me forward! Before this class, I felt like I gave my life for my kids, and that was okay because I love them. But I can act on my love more now. I have more to give. I am present in their lives in a way that I wasn't before. My 11-year-old daughter said, "mom, I used to come home and ask you to do things with me and you were too tired. Now I come home and you ask me to do things with you."

    Meagan S. Meagan S. She was able to rocket me forward!
  • I looked at some prior endorsements when I was considering enrolling in Janeen's wellness program. I was concerned about the timing for myself and about cost vs value. I also wondered if Janeen could really deliver the program she said she could, or, more importantly, was Janeen the 'real deal'?

    I'm so glad I signed up! For me, the timing was great even though I am a very, very busy person. By implementing my own systems, guided by Janeen personally, and through well-developed course material, I was able to have more energy to do the things I needed to do, and let go of other things in order to prioritize my health.

    I have just been through my busiest time of year and found, through the implementation of unique systems, that I had more time and was at peace with my schedule which included adding in learning, exercise and other wellness changes to my already busy life. I am so glad I did not continue to try on my own to make the changes I needed for my health.

    I love how Janeen puts everything together for me in an easy to follow and personally-supported format. She is present, knowledgeable, encouraging and available. Maybe I could have done this on my own, but it would have taken years for me to learn and put together what Janeen has to offer.

    I feel better than ever and look forward to the days, months and YEARS to come! Oh, and the answer to my question about cost vs value? Janeen's program is worth every penny and more!

    Festi E.Festi E.I feel better than ever and look forward to the days, months and YEARS to come!
  • I have worked on different programs for years to lose weight and had limited success but this is the first time that someone has spent time getting me to look at my mindset and my view of myself and my body before talking about food and exercise and that is exactly the approach I needed to live a wholly healthy life.

    I am feeling better every day and the order that has permeated my family's life and beyond has been nearly magical!

    Cynthia E.Cynthia E.This is exactly the approach I needed to live a wholly healthy life.
  • I was super confident 3 months ago that I would NEVER be able to go a DAY without chocolate...two days... or even two weeks! Even a week without sugar or a weekend without ice cream... and NOT feel sad or deprived. With the help of Janeen's mental and productivity modules, I feel locked in! I'm so, so happy and content without the junk food!

    Tonight, I am at a family gathering and nothing tasted so wonderful as the fresh squash I brought. Saying goodbye to processed food and junk is so AMAZING!

    Rachel M.Rachel M.Saying goodbye to junk food is so AMAZING!
  • Within four months of adopting Janeen's Wholistic lifestyle the combined family weight loss was immense, almost too much to comprehend. Gone are the IBS, speech delay, chronic morning nausea, PMS, 35 lbs., cravings, mystery skin rashes, non-stop runny noses, coughs and colds, lethargy, and acne. Four years later the gain of restored health and happiness still abounds.

    This is a lifestyle never to be given up only improved upon for us.

    Renee R.Renee R.This is a lifestyle never to be given up!
  • I didn't know how powerful systems could be until I put one in place for my bedtime routine. As far back as I can remember, I have always been tired. The one thing that has been consistent for the past 40 years was falling asleep with the TV on (and leaving it on all night). It was my way of not letting the chatter in my head overwhelm me. My husband tried for years to get me to break this habit.

    One night, about 2 months after I started learning about Janeen's program [and systems], I got up the courage and agreed to give it a try. I came up with a routine that left me feeling rested and so much more effective throughout the day. I get ready for bed at a set time. As soon as I crawl into bed, I put on an audio guided meditation. This has put me to sleep much more quickly than the TV did. When the meditation ends and turns off - no extra noise, no blue light...
    This system has help me life my new found motto: Rise and Shine!

    Cheryl R. Cheryl R. I was left feeling rested and so much more effective throughout the day!
  • Four years ago, when I was in the midst of a particularly bad bout of compulsive eating and depression, I went to Janeen for help. She said to me, "We can fix this. We are going to fix this". There she was, all fit, thin, confident and healthy, and I wanted to laugh out loud. I thought to myself, "Lady, you have no idea what you are dealing with here!"

    I was 45 years old and had struggled with my weight my entire life. Obesity and compulsive eating ran rampant in my family. I had been obese for years but slowly, over a long time, had managed to keep off about 50 pounds...but it hadn't been easy.  Every day was a fight with my body.   Every day was counting calories, dreading putting on pants, hating myself for what I ate. But I wanted to hope. I wanted to believe Janeen. And I am glad I did, because she changed my life.

    Today, I can truly say I have peace with my body (most days!). Janeen has helped me learn how to feed myself and my family in the healthiest way possible. I am more fit at 50 years old than I have ever been in my life. I just completed my certification to become a spin instructor - something I would have NEVER even considered before.

    I have more energy; my cholesterol is so good the doctor called to congratulate me on it and I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. Someone said to me, "You are the healthiest person I know".  My first thought was, "Well, you don't know Janeen!" but my second thought was, "Wow! I have come so far!"

    I have greatly diminished my craving for junk food. I actually crave vegetables and feel sick when I eat something fatty or rich in dairy. I would have never thought I could say that. Do I follow the program perfectly? No. Was I scarfing down Doritos on the couch several weeks ago?  Yes. I am not perfect in any way.  But I constantly remind myself that it is a journey and I continue to make progress.  I had to take Janeen's class three times for it all to sink in.

     Every year I eat healthier and enjoy it more. Every year I have more peace with my body and have more appreciation for the knowledge Janeen gave me.

    Liz B.Liz B.I can truly say I have peace with my body!
  • I had no idea that I was not only being introduced to a nutrition mentor, but also a genuine friend and person whom I admire! I had always been an active person who knew the benefits of exercise, but I had no idea my Southern upbringing had jaded my understanding of a proper diet.

    Luckily, I found that each week's return to class brought a little more confidence that we were all working through similar feelings and temptations. We were a team trying to accept the challenge to eat healthier. I accepted the challenge to "clean and toss" half of my pantry and fridge... it felt powerful.

    I was told by colleagues that my skin was glowing, and I could actually feel my stomach (always my "problem" area) shrinking. I had truly learned the power of a healthy lifestyle from inside-out. I started to not fear heart disease since it ran in my family due to our dietary culture. I shared my knowledge with family members, and they even started to adjust their diets as well. Now, many of us don't eat meat and limit dairy. I grew up with my family's cattle farm outside my window.

    If we can do this, anyone can! I’m finally educated and aware of how to eat which is what I was always missing, and sadly never knew. Janeen, thank you for selflessly educating so many of us because of your passion for nutrition and quality living!

    Angie M. Angie M. I learned the power of a healthy lifestyle from the inside-out!
  • I have been blown away by Janeen's ability to help me close the gap between where I am and where I want to be in all aspects of my life. I've learned how to decrease the negative chatter in my head and become the pleasant and present mom I so desperately want to be for my family.

    I've learned how to decrease the negative chatter in my head and how to tap into my biggest dreams and work toward accomplishing anything from small house projects to things I didn't think were possible.

    My husband was just commenting on how he hasn't been sick in a long time and how his digestive issues have improved. And I truly believe that all of these changes for the good have helped my kids' behavior. As a bonus, all my pants are now too big.

    Alicia S.Alicia S.I was blown away that I could close the gap from where I was to where I wanted to be.
  • Janeen has been my health and fitness mentor for the past ten years. When I first met her I immediately felt that she knew something I didn’t know about my health. Did she ever! My life has never been the same.

    The changes we have made in our family because of her guidance has blessed our family with amazing health. We are rarely sick anymore and we are all able to maintain a healthy weight. Her greatest joy is seeing the change that occurs when people own their health. She is my biggest cheerleader and is always there for me when I need support.

    Julie F. Julie F. We are rarely sick anymore and can maintain a healthy weight.
  • Janeen taught me how to select healthier foods and think more critically about what I am eating and its value to my health and energy level, as well as how it affects my long-term health. She continually cites sources, giving further credibility to her suggestions, and offers a list of reading materials that give me deeper understanding of the importance of healthy eating. She also offers a variety of recipes that she has created/tested that are truly the BEST.

    For the past four years, I have followed Janeen’s suggestions and feel I am a healthier person and in far better control of my health.  I am very fortunate and thankful to have had the opportunities to be a part of Janeen's excellent workshops and her shared knowledge in making me more aware of what I eat.

    Joan G. Joan G. I think more critically about how food affects my health and energy levels.
  • Janeen provided us, along with our 20-30 colleagues, with a great education on how to determine the nutritional value of what we eat. It was no surprise that greens go a long way [for good health], but Janeen helped us incorporate greens into our daily routine. One of Janeen's slides featured a snapshot of her fridge literally overflowing with green leafy vegetables. Now our refrigerator often looks much the same.

    Jim and Suzanne M. Jim and Suzanne M. Our fridge is literally overflowing with green leafy vegetables.
  • I am a lifelong weightlifter and consider myself fairly healthy, but I suffer from low energy levels. I often catch myself waking up from short naps or 'micro sleeps' at my desk, in my car, in meetings, while talking with people, in line at the post office, wherever... especially after meals. However, now that I've greatly increased fruits and vegetables in my diet and eliminated animal product consumption, I have consistently high energy levels all day. And I feel incredible! The bonus is that my body fat has decreased while my strength and muscle mass have remained consistent.

    My biggest fear was losing muscle and strength, but apparently, I don't need the 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight as recommended by most bodybuilding sites. The best part is that I've greatly reduced my odds of falling prey to heart disease, diabetes, most cancers, and the other 'diseases of affluence' currently crippling the U.S. I share Janeen's references with everyone I can, hoping they'll embrace this lifestyle and enjoy the benefits the way I do. Thank Janeen for helping us live longer, more vibrant lives!

    Damian P.Damian P.I have consistently high energy levels all day.

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